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The Christian-Green Gallery

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McKinney York also produced fundraising brochures used to show the project to potential donors.

As the sole on-campus institution dedicated to the artistic culture of Africa and its Diaspora, the Warfield Center at the University of Texas at Austin shares a rich history with the University and the broader community.  This gallery in the heart of campus introduces students to the Warfield Center in an elegant, yet unintimidating setting, showcasing their collections along with other significant pieces.

The gallery is shaped to maximize its apparent volume, allowing the art inside to breathe.  Coffers with illuminated fabric scrims were carved out of the low ceilings, creating the illusion of deep skylights and generous height.  The substantial mechanical and security infrastructure is organized between the coffers, and meets stringent requirements to create a controlled environment to show borrowed world-class collections.  These strategies enhance the art without overshadowing it and provide flexibility for the curator.  Beautiful African hardwoods punctuate the entry, subtly reinforcing the gallery’s cultural mission.