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College of Education Public Spaces Renovation

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In 2014, McKinney York produced an architectural building standards document to allow the University of Texas at Austin College of Education to plan for a phased full building renovation over the next five years. This 88-page report includes recommendations for finish materials and color palettes, along with material samples for each type of space in the building. Recommendations are also included for a cohesive strategy to address the existing building elements to remain, a fully developed wayfinding and signage package throughout the building (based on the UT Austin signage standards manual), integrated donor recognition, and preliminary opinions of probable cost for each type of space in the building.

After completion of the Building Standards, McKinney York began work renovating the Sanchez Building, starting with two lobby spaces and some end-of-hallway student lounge and work spaces. This work is the first to be done entirely using the new architectural standards and introduces many of the elements which will later be found throughout the building. As with so many of our projects on the UT Campus, these are high profile spaces that embody the mission of the school and an enhanced environment for students and faculty. Work includes interior architecture, furnishing selections, and design of wayfinding, donor recognition, and fundraising materials.