McKinney York Architects


College of Education Renovation at The University of Texas at Austin

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How do you create an environment that reflects the academic success and commitment to research, teaching, and community of the country’s premier public education program? The interior design for the George I. Sánchez Building expresses the mission of the College of Education at the University of Texas at Austin through the renovation and reorganization of outdated academic offices to collaborative student-focused spaces and innovation centers.

Oversized floating wood ceilings and dark bold accent colors mark the public lobbies that act as gateway to each level of the building. Layers of glass allow visibility and impromptu exchanges into new suites with careful placement of clerestory windows, sliding glass doors, and narrow sidelites and transoms that balance openness and privacy. Bright colors and supergraphics accent conference rooms, huddle rooms, and other collaborative spaces to highlight small gathering spaces.

All spaces are flexible to accommodate the fluctuations in size of student population and research groups within the college and integrate environmental and technology upgrades. The result enhances the student experience, advances the research enterprise, and increases the visibility of the college within the university, community, and the world.