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Frost Bank North Austin

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Previously a commercial training center, this transformational renovation establishes a retail presence for Frost Bank to serve customers in the Georgian Acres neighborhood of Austin. The exterior of the building is defined by the addition of a double height space with clerestory windows in the main lobby. These windows act as a lantern, not only bringing light into the main lobby during the day, but also serving as a beacon for those traveling by at night.  By severing part of the existing structure and using prefabricated concrete panels, a new vault was added to the building, clad with metal panels on the exterior. An obsolete motor bank lane on the side of the existing building was enclosed with louvered fencing as a mechanical yard under the same roof line to improve the overall proportions of the building. The 2,400 sf of interiors are curated, from the custom designed greeter station, to the books along the Frost Room shelves, to the Texas-themed framed black-and-white photography, to tell the story of Frost through the built environment.