McKinney York Architects


Frost Bank Regional Headquarters

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This new five-story regional headquarters building and retail bank occupies a prominent location just west of Corpus Christi Bay–a significant addition to Shoreline Boulevard heading north into the downtown area.

The basic massing composition of the project consists of an elegantly-proportioned and detailed metal and glass office block, raised on columns to evoke the sense that it is floating above the surrounding landscape. This block is open to the north, east, and south to maximize views to downtown and across the expanse of the bay. Bold, solid masses located on the west side visually anchor the building, and a transparent, open, and welcoming vertical stair is carefully placed on the northwest side to mark the primary entrance.

Multiple resilience strategies are employed by the design to resist various environmental factors and threats in order to remain operational to the greatest extent possible. These include measures to protect against inundation, wind and wind-borne debris, power outages, and corrosive environmental conditions.