McKinney York Architects


Frost Tower Lobby and Mezzanine

scroll View Description

Located inside Frost Tower, a transformational addition to the San Antonio skyline, the design of this downtown branch and accompanying loft space establishes a customer-focused presence in the light-filled lobby.

The retail space, occupying one side of the lobby, utilizes a unique demountable partition system central to the branded experience of Frost bank. With a customized panel pattern and integrated lighting, the design lends itself to the facets and geometries depicted in the overall tower concept. Millwork pieces–including the custom-designed teller pods, greeter station, bookcases, and ATM enclosure–furniture, and black & white framed art photography were all curated as part of the interior finish-out. An old-time Frost bank vault door dating back to the 1920s is highlighted as a focal point and a nod to the long history and deep roots Frost has grown in Texas for over 150 years.

Directly above the retail space is The Frost Loft, designed to engage bank customers and the community alike by sharing the history, values, and future of Frost. The custom-designed millwork pieces integrate historical artifacts from the Frost archives, interactive digital experiences, infographics, and narrative text for visitors to enjoy. The architectural language of the retail bank was continued in the loft to read as an extension of the Frost experience below.