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Inks Lake State Park Headquarters Building

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Located in the hilly landscape of Burnet County, Texas, the Inks Lake State Park headquarters building is designed to bolster the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s mission: to manage and conserve the natural and cultural resources of Texas, and to provide hunting, fishing, and outdoor recreation opportunities for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations. This commitment drove the design to capture the timeless appeal of the outdoors.

A heavy stone mass anchors the building in the landscape, and grand stone arches signal the entrances to a shaded breezeway, through which visitors can find the registration lobby and public restrooms. That stone mass gives way to an ordered, airy timber volume with deep roof overhangs and abundant daylighting from clerestory and full-height windows. Offices and a conference room are housed within and overlook an adjacent outdoor terrace. A continuous wood and timber roof spans the entire structure and creates a welcoming atmosphere. In a nod to its unique environment, the building uses local stone and wood, and its thoughtful siting preserves the surrounding indigenous trees. Native plantings tighten the building’s bond with the land, flanking the breezeway and framing vistas of the surrounding landscape.

The Inks Lake State Park headquarters building strives to inspire an appreciation for nature and encourage visitors to embrace their role in the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s conservation mission.