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Kent R. Hance Chapel

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Built on a prominent corner of the Texas Tech University campus, this 250-seat chapel provides a place for worship, contemplation and celebrations of life. The university wanted  the chapel to adhere to the Spanish Renaissance style as established by the historic structures on campus, and while it does, it also draws inspiration from beyond that historic core, probing the original source material to introduce new elements to the campus vocabulary. In keeping with Renaissance principles, the chapel is simple in form. Ornamentation is judiciously utilized to celebrate only the most important features. Dean Vernooy of the TTU College of Architecture says, “the proportions and scale of the Hance Chapel settle into the eastern prospect of the campus in a way that attests to its timeless nature, as if it had been here all along and the University grew around it.”

Recognition: Best in Class Award, Brick Industry Association, 2013

Publication: Architect, Dec 2013; DCD Magazine, Jan/Feb 2014; Sacred Architecture Journal, Fall 2013; Texas Architect, May/June 2013; TTU Newsletter, May 2011