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Lake Travis UMC Ministry Activities Center

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Lake Travis UMC Master Plan

Since the founding of this church in 1988, the congregation has grown and flourished, attracting many young families moving into the Lakeway area. The change in demographics in the membership and the surrounding community over time required the existing campus to be evaluated to ascertain how best it might be used to strengthen and grow the Church community. Through interviews and surveys, McKinney York developed a plan to address the needs and desires of the burgeoning congregation. The master plan includes the addition of a family life center, additional adult and child education facilities, renovated music spaces and renovated office facilities, an expansion of the worship and narthex spaces, improved drives and additional parking, and associated outdoor community spaces.

Accommodating contemporary worship services, youth education, athletics, celebrations, and weekly dinners, this 15,000 square foot facility provides large, flexible spaces in an attractive yet cost-effective manner. The Ministry Activities Center strikes a delicate balance, reinforcing the campus’ existing architectural vocabulary while providing a fresh aesthetic indicative of the facility’s youth-oriented mission. The form is essentially a “bar” and a “box.” The bar is scaled to complement the existing buildings, frame a courtyard, and camouflage the basic box housing the large multipurpose space. The bar’s dramatic double-height lobby acts as a beacon and a welcoming presence. To create these forms, McKinney York used a hybrid structural system blending inexpensive standardized metal building components with exposed structural steel. The result is refined and affordable.

Sustainability: high-efficiency HVAC systems incorporating enthalpy recovery ventilation; energy-efficient windows, appliances, and lighting with occupancy-sensing controls; high recycled content materials; low-VOC interior finishes; native and adapted low-water use plant species.