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Maggie Louise Confections

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Eighteen months after launching as an online-only retailer, the kitchen space rented by Maggie Louise Confections was woefully inadequate to meet the demand for Maggie’s museum-worthy chocolates; strong local interest made a retail storefront the next logical step.  We transformed a dark, 1,400 square foot shell into a sparkling chocolate atelier, complete with a full commercial kitchen, office, and retail space displaying the chocolates in a bespoke glass-top table.  A canted mirror and wall tantalize passersby, reflecting a view of the table through the storefront, while jewelry store-inspired shadow box displays bring seasonal chocolate vignettes to the sidewalk edge, affording intimate views of the delicious works of art.  Particular care was given to keeping the kitchen space open, maintaining flexibility; power poles and fixed work surfaces were omitted in favor of retractable cord systems and movable tables, ensuring new equipment can easily be installed when needs change.