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MetroRapid Stations

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Rapid Transit, Rapid Assembly

The MetroRapid Stations were conceived, designed, and constructed as a kit of shop-built parts.  They are capable of being quickly deployed in a variety of locations and site conditions, providing a recognizable brand image and rider experience throughout Austin’s urban and suburban environments.

“The kit of parts that the designers came up with were very well put together and conceived.”

-Marsha Maytum, FAIA

Over 60 stations along Austin’s densest corridors provide riders with reliable public transportation that offers high capacity and competitive travel time. Along with a system map, each station is equipped with bench seating, an integrated leaning rail, LED display sign and push-button audio announcement system which convey real-time, GPS-based arrival information, relieving departure anxiety. The sleek cantilevered steel structure is designed to reflect the unique MetroRapid brand identity, differentiating these stations from those serving Capital Metro’s other routes.

Recognition: Design Award, AIA Austin 2014

Publication: Texas Architect, July/Aug 2014