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Mount Barker Residence

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Built on the foundation of a previous house, this home takes advantage of its hilltop location to capture cool prevailing breezes from Lake Austin and views of the city skyline. Single-loaded rooms and screened porches allow for cross-ventilation, natural light and a less energy-dependent lifestyle. Its spacious ground floor is pierced by the dramatic light-filled shafts of the stairway and second floor balcony, creating a hub for the flowing living spaces of the house. The design balances the client’s desire to welcome exterior spaces while maintaining street privacy. The transparency of the house is protected by a courtyard entry elevated on a boardwalk over a sea of native grasses. The subdued palette reinforces a sense of shade and coolness.

Publication: Best of Signature Baths, Creative Homeowner Press, 2007; Brilliant, June/July 2007; Texas Home & Living, July/Aug 2008