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Shavano Park House

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The client for this home wanted a modern structure that was suitable for displaying her art-glass collection. Located in a recently developed community, nearly every component of the exterior was subject to a wide array of neighborhood and city ordinances. These were all accommodated while maintaining modern sensibilities and detailing on the exterior, then transitioning to a more minimalist aesthetic on the interior. The one-story building comfortably spreads out on its large lot, embracing a front and back courtyard and allowing views through and from within the transparent center section to other parts of the home. A high-volume screened porch, the floating fireplace, and an axial swimming pool provide dramatic moments to the otherwise casual layout of the home.

Recognition: House of the Month, Architectural Record, May 2010

Publication: Architectural Record, May 2010; Austin-San Antonio Urban Home, Feb/Mar 2012; The Globe and Mail, Oct 2013; Home & Architectural Trends, Sep 2012; Home & Architectural Trends, Oct 2012; Houzz, 2012; San Antonio Magazine, June 2010; Signature Kitchens & Baths, Winter 2010; Signature Kitchens & Baths, Winter 2011; Western Art & Architecture, Spring/Summer 2011

Sustainability: pool source heat pump with supplementary cooling tower, natural ventilation, daylighting, LED and fluorescent lighting, spray foam insulation, sealed attic, tankless water heating, concrete floors, and native plants