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St. Julian of Norwich Parish Hall

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The concept for the new campus for St. Julian of Norwich celebrates gathering together for communion and the duality that underlies the mission and character of congregation, a duality that participates in both a spiritual, contemplative world while being engaged in the temporal world through service and outreach.

The architecture of the Parish Hall gives form to this concept with three principal elements – a series of rippling roof forms that move from west to east across the site, a gathering space that takes the form of the communion table, and a tower element that is the welcoming invitation to the surrounding community.

The rooftops shelter small group and individual spaces, the family units of the congregation. They express the dynamic engagement of the congregation and its commitment to energetic service and outreach. Within the Parish Hall, high clerestory windows on one side filter light into the spaces and give views to the heavens while across the space, broad, low windows focus on leafy garden spaces grounded in the world, placing those gathered for communion between the temporal and spiritual worlds.

The Parish Hall will initially serve as a multipurpose building supporting worship for up to 150 and house administrative and education spaces.