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Texas Facilities Commission North Austin Complex FF&E

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Since the mission of Texas Health & Human Services is “To improve the health, safety, and well-being of Texans”, the interior furnishings in the organization’s everyday work environment at the new headquarters in the North Austin Complex must also embody these values. Design goals include creating a healthy work environment through encouraging activity and movement and promoting occupant well-being through use of biophilic materials.  When natural elements are present, employees report higher levels of creativity, motivation and overall health. Wood finishes, organic shapes, and colors inspired by nature are foundations of the furniture palette.  A variety of colors, patterns, and textures engages the senses to keep people alert and reduce mental fatigue. The design and specification of the interior furnishings incorporates different types and configurations to allow occupants options on how or where to work within the open office.  Adjustable height desks, tables at standing height, stools, and lounge furniture in both individual and collaboration settings encourage mobility and a variety of postures during the work day.