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Texas Restaurant Association Headquarters

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This tenant finish-out gives the Texas Restaurant Association an interim home while between permanent headquarters buildings. We leveraged this transitional window to create a metaphorical test kitchen; the planned five-year occupancy provided a rare opportunity for a professional organization to audition new methods for working, new types of spaces, and new technologies without making a permanent commitment or otherwise forcing a sea change. These range from formal and informal collaboration spaces, to new videoconferencing capabilities, to multiple open office spaces paired with a “quiet office.”

The location was selected in part for the view it affords, which is maximized by the office layout. The space accommodates a broad spectrum of activities, work styles, and – importantly – sound levels. Through the strategic placement of walls and the use of sound-masking materials, the design provides each user group with appropriate acoustical privacy while sharing the view, uniting the organization’s previously-separated operations.