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Texas Union Wi-Fi Lounge

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This small project inserts an organizing element into a prominent position just inside the entrance of the Texas Union. This Paul Cret-designed building has functioned as a meeting place for students, faculty, staff, alumni, and visitors since 1933. The Wi-Fi Lounge serves as a comfortable space to study, eat, or hang out between classes; at the same time, the space operates as the antechamber to the popular Cactus Café, one of Austin’s most cherished live music venues. Our goal was to visually simplify the space and allow the historic architectural elements – such as the painted ceiling beams– to shine. Modern materials with handcrafted detailing create an elegant environment that allows students an opportunity to experience a more sophisticated space than can be found in many of the more institutional settings on campus. A variety of seating options allow individuals and groups to enjoy this relaxed oasis.