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University of Texas at Austin Texas One Stop

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The Texas One Stop provides a welcoming face for the university’s population of 75k to the individual student attempting to navigate the “business” side of their tenure at the school.  A consolidation of services provided by various offices across campus in the past, it is designed to diffuse student’s tensions and frustrations, inspire confidence that their problems will be taken care of, and efficiently get answers they need so they can focus on academics, a rich student life, and a successful graduation.

As a primary representation of the institution, it is located in the most iconic building on campus – the UT Tower.  With respect to the historic significance of the location, the exterior walls and perimeter of the space were reconstructed to exhibit the character of the registrar’s counter, which was the original tenant of the space and had been damaged in the past.  Modern insertions and furnishing were made to the interior, along with the thoughtful integration of technology, to provide students with an easy and destressing experience.