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UT Campus Events + Entertainment

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Campus Events + Entertainment is the largest event planning organization at UT, and desperately needed a more open and vibrant area for student committees that use the space on the fourth floor of the Texas Union. The 6,500 square foot renovation includes offices, open workstations, and meeting and lounge areas. Fully glazed demountable partition walls allow for views throughout the space. A wall of built-in storage houses student organization materials; cabinet doors double as a tackable surface to display event posters. An existing stair between the fourth and fifth floor was updated with metal treads and a perforated railing to maintain a sense of openness. Lighting solutions include a playful composition of glass globes in the double height space and a signature glass antler pendant in the E + E office. Staff areas received new systems and freestanding furniture; student have high task tables for group work and “seating stones” for individual lounging.