McKinney York Architects


Waco Residence

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“It occupies the corner that allows for the big doors and the big openings to face north, which makes so much sense for energy efficiency in Texas.”

-Maryann Thompson, AIA

Clever siting, judicious use of windows, and spare detailing distinguish this deceptively simple house. By stacking the house onto two floors and positioning it off-center on the site, a variety of outdoor spaces are created which let in balanced light and provide private views. Glassy expanses in opposite corners of the house allow light to fall diagonally through the space. Further strategic moves blur the line between inside and out. The floating wood ceiling of the living room juts out into the landscape forming a porch. Likewise, the exterior burnished CMU slips inside, subtly emphasizing blocks of overlapping space. These unexpected details highlight the practical but unconventional use of space.

Recognition: Citation of Honor, AIA Austin 2007

Publication: Builder Magazine, Feb 2009; Innovative Home, Winter 2006

Sustainability: ground source heat pump, natural ventilation, daylighting, recycled countertops, and exterior shading devices